German Financial Policy

January 28, 2016


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German financial policy continues German freight forwarders under pressure many logistics companies see your existence at risk and as pawn sacrifice of a misguided transport policy already in January of the coming year freight forwarders must grab very deep in the Pocket. The toll is sharply increased. By then 13.5 cents, there will be an answer to 16.3 cents per kilometre. One particularly hardness BBs, experienced freight forwarders with older trucks because whose vehicles have higher emission levels and the Treasury wants to grab here to properly. The Federal Council had decided the very controversial increase in the toll for 2009 by a very narrow majority. Now grow the toll for heavy trucks from January 2009 by 13.5 on 16.3 cents per kilometre. Older truck vehicles must muster from three years of age and older a much higher kilometric allowance, because they have higher emission levels. Part of this revenue should be invested in roads, rail and waterways.

The increased toll revenues will increase expected to five billion euros. The toll increase was very long disputed, on the one hand require much higher investment in transport infrastructure and on the other hand the German freight forwarders should be not to strain. The toll increase was decided immediately after a test vote with a narrow majority with 35 of 69 votes. The German freight forwarding industry is already very strong competition and price increases can pass easily. While Member countries additional incentives and Steuererleichterngen offer some EU up to tax exemption for company founder in the freight forwarding industry, it is more than closely for German companies.