General Investment Fund

May 15, 2018


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Thus, they are important for investors who would worry constantly unable to the developments on the securities, foreign exchange and commodity markets but at the same time want a relief of Depot development through the asset diversification over different. Within this category of fund investors have the choice between defensive and opportunity-oriented strategies. Advised by him, the multi asset fund drive Udo measure an investment approach that is very much on the security of all invested funds. The volatility is accordingly low. It is only about 6%. This multi-asset approach ensures stability in the depot and therefore also suitable for difficult stock market phases.

With a high transparency when advised by him, the multi asset fund wants to learn Udo Mass reach, that investors are aware of the advantages of this fund category and appreciate. The 14-day reports for general investment fund stable return (WKN A0RCEV) explains how he’s not only the market assessments of the management team, but also the specific portfolio adjustments are known. The portfolio reporting to the General Investment Fund are stable return available under Udo is Chairman of the Investment Committee of the SWISS SELECT asset management AG for the General Investment Fund stable return (WKN A0RCEV). Since 1992 he works as an independent investment consultant mainly for accountants and their clients. SWISS SELECT asset management AG with security more yield – the Swiss select Asset Management AG is investment adviser of the General Investment Fund stable return (WKN A0RCEV). The company specializes on safety-oriented investment strategies, which enable profits regardless of the General turmoil in the financial markets.