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January 14, 2018


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Similarly, the ISBN facilitates the work of publishers: allows them to identify the publishing projects of the company from the beginning to the end; catalogue them in various brochures and advertising carried out or include it in printed directories and web pages to facilitate the search for users. On the other hand, in the administrative field ISBN constitutes the best code to control stocks available, manage author rights and the payment of these, as well as process orders and perform accounting and billing. Structure of the ISBN until January 2007 the ISBN consisted of only ten digits, but that date were incorporated into three more digits, so that now all ISBN conform by 13 figures. Let’s take as an example to illustrate their structure ISBN 978-84-932320-2-3, corresponding to the practical guide to CONSUMER EROSKI: nourish us with security. Prefix Bookland EAN: 978 code accompanies two years ago all the ISBN as a way to identify an editorial product among other products that are traded, so that gets the full compatibility of the ISBN with the EAN-13 code, the most widely used worldwide barcode system. Group identifier: the first part of the ISBN identifies the country or geographical or linguistic area in which the Publisher of the book is headquartered. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. In this case the code 84? represents only to Spain, but in other cases the code groups to a greater number of countries, such as 3?, which encompasses the entire group of German language. This ID is assigned by the International ISBN Agency, headquartered in London.

Does Publisher prefix: the following group of numbers in the ISBN identifies the particular editor that publishes the book, in this case the code 932320? It identifies EROSKI Foundation as the editor of this book in question. The Publisher prefix is assigned by the corresponding ISBN national agency, in the case of our country, responsibility of the General Directorate of books, archives and libraries of the Ministry of culture. This agency, which assigns this code to publishers for free, now boasts more than 18,000 Spanish publishers active registered in its database. The title identifier: this part of the ISBN (does the digit 2? It is in this case) that identifies a specific edition of a publication of a specific Publisher, so it distinguishes it from any other. In our country there may be 25 editions of the same work by the same author, but each one of them, although it has been published by the same Publisher, has a different ISBN.

Check digit: this last digit, always consisting of a single figure, is the result of performing a numeric operation between all the other digits of the ISBN to check that it is used correctly. Compiled by. Javier Mejia T.