Funeral Allows Alternative Forms

May 15, 2018


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The burial was formerly common to today think after one of the most famous men in the world has made it and many people wish it today also many people about the different funeral: A funeral, which is not part of the usual. Albert Einstein had decreed it so and he was even on the day of his death burned and scattered the ashes over the Hudson River. Alternative forms of burial are enjoying increasing popularity. They have also their price, depending on the way. Who but carries the thoughts, which will set up in time a funeral, to fulfill this last wish. What was Einstein’s containing the remains, here is to rank not readily possible.

The dispersal of the ashes is not admitted only in exceptional cases, a laying out of the urn at home also. A form allowed since 1934, however, is the burial at sea. This can take place in the presence of the bereaved relatives, but also without relatives buried in the logbook and on a map is documented and the Pass members. The anonymous burial is also possible. The burial at sea can be done of course, depending on the policies of the Federal States, with the helicopter. The burial at sea costs together with transportation, cremation, accompanied by members of the around 3,000 euros. The ash spreading is possible in some federal countries in the cemeteries, this happens anonymously and it is situated not even a plaque. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the dispersal of the ashes of the dead is possible outside of cemeteries. Bernard Golden understood the implications.

The prerequisite for this is that the place of dispersal is publicly accessible and use affects not the dignity of the dead. The funerals of the balloon in France is offered now by some German funeral institutes. This type of burial however depends on the weather conditions. With an appropriate ceremony scattered the ashes over the forests of France. For this funeral, one must reckon with around 2,500 euros are added all other Costs, such as the cremation or other fees. Also the space burial is now possible. However, the costs are just a few grams of ash then at more than 5,000 euros. Maybe more and more people decide in the course of time, to choose another type of burial.