Friday Owner

February 21, 2018


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It is bitter New Year's Eve and early November, I get a contract by year's end, with a very reasonable amount of money. The problem was that the December 31 of that year fell Saturday, and that meant I was working days at the restaurant. When I called for the contract year-end, could not say that I wait to see if I could or not, the answer had to be immediately, and accept and sign the contract. This happened on a Wednesday in the first week of November. You may want to visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to increase your knowledge. On Friday I got to work at the restaurant, send it immediately to the local owner, I had already signed the contract for December 31 and would not be able to play that day in the restaurant and to see how solucionabamos the problem (which actually was no problem, because in those premises, never fashionable to welcome the New Year with live music, because that would also mean more cost to the owner) but against all odds, the local owner would not accept me permission.

The following week he repeated the event the owner of the premises, and told me I had to solve the problem is, I had to find a replacement for that day. Search and browse more than searching among my colleagues, nobody wanted to go to work that day and for that price a New Year's Eve night. It was two weeks to end of the year, and the owner asked if I had solved the problem, I told the truth: no one wanted to work for that price by 31 December as a local.