April 26, 2019


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In 1983, the WHO informed that the rage caused 50,000 annual deaths in countries where the disease is endemic, in particular Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Click Jeffrey Leiden to learn more. Although it affects all the ages, the rage is observed most frequently in smaller children of 15 years, with about 40 cases produced in children among 5 and 14 years of age. The last case of contracted human rage in France inquired in 1924. Nevertheless, between 1970 and 1996, 17 cases of rage in France were registered abroad caused by contamination (in African sub-Sahara, Africa of the North, Madagascar and Mexico). In France, the rage is a imported disease indicates envelope to Us she that this virus attacks almost all the mammals, although at the moment the dog is the most frequent transmitter. Near 90% of the cases of in the man they must to the transmission by the dog; the cat is the person in charge of only a 5%. But practically all the domestic animal are susceptible to the rage, including the cows, pigs, goats, ewes, mice, rabbits and monkeys. In the countryside, however, the main vehicles are the bats.

In the dog, most common of the transmitters, the rage is pronounced initially bringing about an inexplicable alteration apparently in the behavior of the animal. – A docile dog can become aggressive and until biting to the owner or the any person or animal who come near to him, in tato that one of brave character, can be sad and mansito. These alterations always correspond to one of the two forms of the disease: furious and the dumb one (or quadriplegic). The certain thing, that the transmission is only possible by means of the direct bonding with a carrying vector or bacteriological agents coming from the same, since when being a virus with a lipidic envelope is very sensible to the environmental factors.