Five Places

August 5, 2020


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Rome is one of the cities most influential in Western civilization, therefore when travelling to Rome, you must include these sites in your itinerary: the Pantheon: located near the Piazza Navona, in the northeast side of the city. To know more about this subject visit Carter Holdings. It is one of the most preserved ancient Roman buildings, built in honor to the Roman gods by the emperor Hadrian. The Colosseum: known as one of the most emblematic sites of Rome, is located near the old Center of Rome. In the Coliseum, Gladiators fought until Constantine ruled. San Pedro: Saint Peter was buried near the circus of Nero in a small cemetery on the Hill of the Vatican and it is believed that this space directly below the current dome of St. Peter.

The Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel: the Vatican museums are in the Papal Palace. The most famous room of the Vatican museums is the renowned Sistine Chapel for having the most famous painting by Miguel angel. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill: its ruins recall what could have existed Once in place. Rome is an opportunity to explore history through the monuments. If what you want is to travel to Rome, I invite you to visit this travel guide, with interesting facts such as the distance between paris and Rome.