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December 23, 2019


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Can you go all the way from the company's registration in a European country to a residence permit on their own? Are the the effort and risk of error is the money that can be saved by abandoning the service broker? Let me quote a message from one of the forums on travel abroad: 'It seems the only real way to make all qualitatively – to go himself and do all their pens (to check, examine, delve, etc. Verizon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. )…'. What response was received: 'You seem to be little understanding of issues facing the' opener '. The task of the mediator – Prepare your documents. And he surely does.

PS: What about 'do everything yourself' – it's harder than you think. And the chances of your not increase but rather decrease. As shown, the work 'openers' are not so simple as it seems …'. Before you decide, with full responsibility and evaluate their potential source of knowledge. Think you can make the whole process of company registration and obtain residence permit yourself – you and cards in hand. In doubt success of the event – ask for help from professionals.

The main thing in the second case – do not make the wrong choice. Business immigration to Europe. How to choose the intermediary company? If you decide you are prepared independently register a company in Europe and the paperwork to obtain residence permit, then you start looking for someone who you can help in this. There are two types of companies offering services for expatriates in Europe: Firms located in territory of the country where the firm is registered.