Financial Success

November 8, 2015


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All end of year the people think about the finances. They make votes, plans, promises for a new year. They to desejamcomear a new year with the right foot, the accounts in day, ganhandomais money and having more professional success. But it is enough to pass asprimeiras weeks that the people abandon its good ideas. We abandon planejamentos, the plans, the goals etc. If you already passed therefore, not if she worries: you are not the only one! Independentede to be in the end of the year or not, I want to leave some keys of ouropara a person to progress financially.

I do not want to be simplista, masa first thing that the person must learn is not to spend queganha more than. I know that he seems obvious, but do not know of where I had taken off the idea deck a person I can spend more than I gain it and to grow financially. Sevoc gains 1,000 Reals, spends in the maximum 1,000 Reals. Or less. The queno can is to spend 1.500.

Why? Why who spends more than what ganhapaga higher interests, accumulates creditors, increases it estresse entreoutras things. Everything this culminates in this: the person loses capacity to detrabalhar and to have good ideas, therefore the billets do not stop to arrive. Either there what you earn, never it spends beyond its wage. If you to quercontrolar its finances suggest that you use the site. It is the tip here. Important Outrachave: it knows for where its money is going. Not adiantanada to want to control its finances if you do not know where he is oburaco. He makes a financial control, he uses one caderninho, Excel or oOrganizze, but he knows where it is the puncture of its budget. Thus he will vocpoder to save much money and only he uses it for more useful things, to comofazer a course, to participate of a lecture or to invest in the stock market. Umachave of gold for who is become indebted is to pay first credoresque charges the interests highest. If you must for speculator, decrdito card or bank, pays they first. They charge the interests highest. Thus you will be able to eliminate its bigger problems before. One grandeproblema is that the people leave to pay to the card and the bank porltimo, and thus when they go to see the balance of the debt if they scare. You more than learn to asaber who are charging and eliminate them of its wallet decredores. All person who starts to have a bigger control of its finances pessoaispercebe that with the time the money starts to sobrar. In this point they muitospensam: I go to change of car or I go to buy a house in the beach! Umagrande key for the financial success is this: when dinheirocomear to sobrar does not want to say that the hour arrived to spend. Narealidade, arrived the hour to invest. It invests before for spoon later. It starts with saving and it gradually goes migrando for fixed income, multimarket and stock exchange. It makes courses, acquires books in the reafinanceira, if it moves. With the time you will be rewarded. This article will continue with more keys. Until briefing! Reference: Organizze, Excel, Metafour