Financial Security

January 26, 2016


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The financial security of retirement is the drangenste problem of our society. The State can not alone cope with this task. Oracle has compatible beliefs. Private provision is essential – the sooner, the better. The fact is: who wants to maintain his standard of living even in the age, can no longer the statutory pension insurance rely on. The difficult situation on the labour market and demographic change make impossible a sufficient State interest. The for decades practiced procedure, where now paying workers for the protection of pensioners, is an anachronism.

Private pension plan does not. At what age must I think of my pension? As soon as possible: early starter back up the private pension benefits. You can do with much lower deposit than savings muffle that only worry later about a possible retirement funding. The compound interest effect makes it possible: the longer your money for you works, the greater the profits. An example: If you consistently save on interest rates, the usage at a yield of seven Prozentjahrlich doubled almost every ten years. After 20 years approximately 3800 EUR from 1000 euro, after 30 years are even more than 7,000 euro. Why should my pension be dynamic? The modification is to prevent, as the general inflation reduces the value of the pension capital over the years.

So there is the possibility to adjust the insurance protection from time to time when life insurance companies. So the amount of remuneration – raised in dynamic services from a private pension insurance usually annually – by an agreed percentage. However, this has its price: the rewards are in the deposit phase on a regular basis also to a certain percentage every year or every three years) increases. How many times must I occupy myself with my pension? Retirement is not unique action, but a permanent process that requires a periodic check. From time to time make a Kassensturz. In the course of the life your living conditions change continuously. Starting from the first job, marriage, family, eventually divorce, disease, home financing, or heritage there are many areas that significantly affect your situation. It is important that you can keep your retirement in the eye it and to react flexibly to the new situation. When choosing the options are therefore flexibility and availability of important criteria. The compounding effect on saving interest and early start: longer works the money and the interest rates are higher, the assets will be greater.