Financial Crisis

February 8, 2016


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Successful company of the industry give their answer in Jena. Jena, March 23, 2009. Of 3 and 4 November 2009 the insight E-Commerce takes place in Jena. Has organized Conference for the third time by the Tower byte Inc. and Bestsidestory GmbH to the active network for businesses, developers, scientists, politicians and practitioners of E-commerce software developed.

The number of participants is limited to 50 companies. They can invite guest speakers and presenters, and thus actively shaping the content of the Conference. While not demolish the bad news from the economy, the sector of E-Commerce continues to grow. The revenues of the Jenaer Tower byte Inc. have been steadily rising. Employee growth although not as dynamic will evolve as usual, but no speech may be the 15 bodies that are currently available, from crisis”, Reinhard Hoffmann, Managing Director of job-recruiting notes company Towerconsult. Towerconsult recruited IT specialists for the Member companies of the Tower byte EC since 2003. Hoffmann is surprised by this positive “Development does not: crises master is flexible and react quickly and exactly what are the strengths of Web-based business processes.” The insight E-Commerce has become the model for success.

After a two-year period of initiation, the network Conference is financed this year from its own resources. One-third of the seats for the event is already booked in November. The success of E-Commerce insight is based on an active network of industry insiders”know Kerstin Schilling, Managing Director of the Agency Bestsidestory, which takes over the organisation of the event for the third time. We see the companies involved as participants, but rather as equal partners that participate in the content and the list of participants of the Conference.” As a quality criterion, that talks may be held only by users and sales or promotional presentations are not allowed. Presentations mediate E-commerce software, E-Commerce insider knowledge this year again from the areas Applications, mail order platforms, online marketing, affiliate marketing, internationalization, mobile commerce, project management and recruitment to the most popular Web 2.0 platforms and social commerce applications. The aim of the Conference is the exchange of experience in the field of monetization of the Internet. The parent topics of the Conference are set in March by an Advisory Board, 13 partners belong to the E-Commerce insight. The insight E-Commerce “has established itself as a living network of companies, developers, scientists, politicians, and users of E-commerce software. The event is organized by the Bestsidestory GmbH in cooperation with the E-Commerce cooperative Tower byte EC and other 50 partners.