Financial Academy Graduates

October 26, 2015


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In July, the university admissions coming "hot" time – to receive documents from applicants. Like, welcome to the 2009 high, and students due to demographic decline by 70 thousand less than last year. But there is a This year their "underwater" stones. The experts unanimously predicted that because of the financial crisis in the new academic year will close one in four college or university. On non-state universities the percentage of closed, there will be more – 30-35%. So before to give the documents to the admissions office ask the state of affairs in the college of your choice. It may help to universities in Russia rating portal. The purpose of ranking is to assess the real picture of employment graduates of Russian universities.

After all, the license will be denied higher education in particular, whose graduates have the most problems with employment. "The indicator of the quality of education should be not the number of rooms in the university, and the successful employment of its graduates, wage level, they will "- said Minister of Education and Science Minister Andrei Fursenko in a very interesting technique that rating is made up of Russian universities – at the forefront posed employment of graduates with a degree after graduation and their salary. High employment – more than 60% higher salary to 50,000 rubles (less than 40,000). Here's leaders – the Russian Academy of Economics Plekhanov Academy of National Economy under the RF Government, Financial Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Low employment of graduates with a degree – is less than 15%, and low wages – less than 20,000 rubles. Here the "leaders" – Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow State Regional University. Before any documents to the admissions office but the license universities and accreditation of specialties, look at this rating. Yuri Chashin 06/30/2009