Finances and Football

April 22, 2019


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And then there are people who do not like football at all and are not supporters of any team (the atheists). And this does not mean that for that reason will deny the laws are written and governing football (law of attraction). Concluding with the idea, there are different religions, none has the absolute truth, all have a piece of that truth, because we are all part of God and ultimately through different ways we come to Him that God obviously is not an old bearded, paunchy and all-powerful, then there in one form or another (depending on how think of it) does not matter. That God is a ball of pure energy, perhaps, who knows. What is true because the law of attraction is checked so that all people are a part of a whole and that we were made in the likeness of God, not because we like on the face, but because our mind is a part of his mind and therefore have the same power as him, because ultimately we Him To which I will mainly give a basis for understanding the atheists, is that no matter who comes this power, whether it call God, Universe, Nature or whatever you call it, this “power” is embodied by the execution of a series of laws and precepts which together today is best known as the Law of Attraction. So no matter what religion you belong or even if you’re an atheist, The important thing to know is that the law of attraction works exactly the same for all, learn to successfully implement their teachings is the way to fulfill all your desires. So you know, read all the authors who want regardless of their personal beliefs, is just checking on your own experiences if they express these authors is correct and if it ultimately serves you in your personal growth and learning.