Filter Polarizer

August 25, 2020


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It was in a situation difficult to obtain the composition that it looked for, great the angular one facilitated the work to me, but it above found of Na Foradada me, right on the hole, in the edge of the cliff, reason why it did not have much margin of movement. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cylance. In addition there were a few shrubs around incordiando, but as I say, with great the angular one I could secure this composition finding me as soon as to a meter of the subject. It could have shot the photography from the other side and to avoid therefore the precipice and the problems of mobility, but then the sun would not appear in the scene. Another detail that I considered at the time of composing the image was to place a little to me below my Alert friend in order to obtain that it thus excelled of the line of the horizon destacndo on the sea. I left to Alert the right, I hoped to that they passed the clouds that covered the sun and meanwhile I was realising the adjustments and tests in the flash and the camera. Alberto inspired by its visit to Majorca and feeling the force of the nature by its body began its meditativa session.

Thanks! Values of the exhibition: I put in exhibition manual (m) because with the tests that there are been doing with the flash she is the one that has worked to me better at the time of controlling the light, but I would like to make me work with the flash and program of exhibition of priority to the opening that is the one that ground to handle almost always when nonuse the flash. Then I fit the exposure time to 1/200 seconds that is the terminal velocity that allows the camera unless we put the flash in way synchronization of high speed. With time of exhibition fit to 1/200 seconds I looked for an opening in which the photometer of the camera indicated that it was to a exhibition set out in two whole points, which would be a compensation of the exhibition of -2EV, that is to say, very hazardous, but we must consider that was in matrix measurement and that me was entering an enormous amount of direct light of the sun, therefore it would not be a so exaggerated subexhibition either. Why this subexhibition?