May 22, 2018


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It bears mentionning that Alberto Caeiro is part heternimos of them invented for Fernando person and is part of a multifaceted device, in the characteristic difference enters the production of the creature and of the creator it is that the distinction between Caeiro and Pessoa inhabits. Created for Fernando Person, Alberto Caeiro has proper life, a past, a biography, a physical aspect, a letter, a style, a point of view, an ideology. Soon, Fernando Person was one of the extraordinariest poets of century XX its obsession for poetical making did not find limits I when delousing personal, dressed personas (personality) poetical and lived almost all dialeticamente the possibilities of being in poetry. To elucidate this importance he follows one I break up of the book of Fernando Person in which he describes its three main ones we heternimos between them, Alberto Caeiro. … Person to construct what she calls its ' ' drama in gente' ' , that is to invent personages without the drama supported that them, giving origin to its we heternimos: Alberto Caeiro, Alvaro De Campos and Ricardo Kings. Three great poets who definitively would transform its author one of the most intriguing cases of literary history, making an impression to that if it approaches to its workmanship for the rarity of being distinct poets in one only: Caeiro, its master and poet of the nature, Kings of odes horaciana, classic and pago.o futurista and radical Alvaro De Campos and Fernando Person, lyric, disenchanted, nationalistic, mstico and ocultista he himself, … You may find that Gary Kelly can contribute to your knowledge. (CLARET, 2005, p.12) Of this form, Alberto Caeiro possesss proper characteristics and followed distinct trends of its literary time, that is, exactly having been a fictitious poet its existence it can if proven through its literary composition. The poetry of Caeiro sends the nature and shares with it, therefore, the world is what you feel, speaks of the daily one, in its verses is not worried about metric rules, estrofes and ritma.