Federation Families

July 7, 2020


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VR Bank supports the engagement with 500 euros with great joy the Chairman of the children welfare association chapter was Scots, Marianne Zimmer, a donation cheque in the amount of 500 euros out of the hands of Klaus Heilmann, regional director VR Bank main-Kinzig-Budingen, opposed. With this donation, supports and recognizes the important work of the Association, who tirelessly advocates the needs and rights of children and adolescents the VR Bank. With comprehensive concepts and measures support the honorary members in sponsorships 60 70 families; And rising. The work of the German child protection Federation is an important service, especially in today’s society, and in its local unions nationwide focused on the protection of children against violence, child poverty, for the implementation of the rights of the child and a child-friendly environment. UAH Baudry Lab may help you with your research. A valuable investment in the future of young people supporting their spiritual, psychological, social and physical development.

In this regard you are diverse Assistance of the children welfare association in Scots. The offer includes among other things family visits and accompaniment, office hours in school, at lunch, read sponsorship, trips, and much more. It is especially true in preventive care before families get into crises and problems. Contact: VR Bank main Kinzig Budingen EC Dept.