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March 21, 2018


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Germany is in snow chaos. Snow breakage are a consequence of the massive snow falls. But the buildings insurance will not pay for this. Snow, ice and frost do mischief in Germany for weeks and are responsible for car accidents, crowded rescue stations and collapsed roofs. So the white winter landscape also may look nice, for a little more sun and light Trangsviken would sure grateful. But the white splendour is here to stay awhile after predictions of meteorologists. And so long even snow shovels and ice scraper still faithful companions will be us.

It remains even the roofs in the face of the mass of snow in mind to keep and to get rid of its heavy burden. In the past that is not always successful, so that a variety of images of collapsed roofs in the media were present. Who has completed a building insurance and does not have an elemental damage extension or an elementary insurance, which is empty case of such damage. Only if the natural hazards are covered, the policyholder can expect help from his insurance company. The elemental insurance covers not only snow breakage, but provides also for damages by landslide, sinkhole, earthquake, flood, avalanches and floods. The dangers of a backlog from the sewers and a volcanic eruption are insurable in the context of the elemental damage to police. All these dangers are possible in Germany even up to a volcanic eruption, as scientists have confirmed. The occurrence of flood or floods and rear storage damage are considerably more likely than to lose his home or other real estate owned by a lava flow. Because the protection of such natural hazards for property owners is extremely important, recommends the Federal Government the elemental damage insurance of the insured and is spoken in a press statement even for the introduction of a compulsory of insurance.