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May 13, 2018


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The job portal Abogadojunior.com in collaboration with the group law Francis Lefebvre, has launched its legal basis especially oriented law students and young lawyers. A new and non-existent product on the market, thus far not existed a legal basis specifically aimed at a very specific audience. From this union comes a product new and novel, not so much by the same content but by the public to which it is addressed. Until now, the legal bases are directed to the firm or the practicing lawyer, that makes use of it in their day to day. The young lawyers make use of it, mainly, in his professional beginnings and always in the Office in which to develop their activity.

Also, these legal bases have a high cost, whose acquisition involves a high effort for the pocket of a student or a lawyer who recently started in the profession. The folder, as it has been named to the Abogadojunior database, is, as is logical, a database is simpler than offered today, but with all the materials carefully selected to provide young lawyers of the best and most useful content. Therefore, among the material that contains the folder, we can highlight: the fuller basis of legislation, with more than 450 rules, updated daily. Access to the juridical magazines of sector, as it is the journal jurisprudence, which analyzes the most outstanding and interesting sentence that have occurred recently, as well as other legislative news services. dictionary with all existing legal terminology legal news and news channel, among other documents of interest. Is intended to ensure that the folder will become one element in the training and study for the right student, a tool in which the student can carry with him virtually all the material required for their formation. Also, the folder is also intended for young lawyers who wish to make professional use of the same, form and make use of it when they need to consult or inform es este the reason by which the dictionary of legal terms, has been incorporated as well as the journal of jurisprudence with explanations of each sentence. This novelty born from the collaboration between Abogadojunior.com and the group law Francis Lefebvre, which puts at the disposal of all young people and future Jurists this excellent tool that will allow them to go one step further in its formation.