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May 16, 2019


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Does Fred Olsen express ferry to La Gomera? So far three times a day pushes the passenger ferry at the port of Los Cristanos, a few kilometres from the international airport of Tenerife South. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. From there, crossing the Strait between the two islands of the Garajonay Expres and initially invested in the capital San Sebastian de la Gomera. From here the along the South coast ferry Gran Rey and Playa Santiago in the Valle. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. Important link for locals & tourists of many locals is estimated to reach as good way, medical facilities and authorities in San Sebastian or Tenerife, to visit the school in the capital, as well as to stay with the rest of the world in connection the ferry. The Garajonay Expres is also very popular with tourists, who can go with the small fast ferry directly in their holiday destination in La Gomera. Subsidies painted the shipping company received until end of 2007 subsidies amounting to approximately EUR 2 million per year. The communities and parties in La Gomera request to employ all political possibilities to guarantee at least the locals transport at affordable rates. Does Fred Olsen express ferry soon? The Fahrgesellschaft Fred Olsen has announced Express, soon to take over the ferry service from Los Cristianos in Tenerife with San Sebastian de la Gomera Gran Rey in the Valle. But not directly approached the port of Playa Santiago, therefore free buses are deployed from San Sebastian. La Gomera Island information on the island and on the subjects of travel, ferries, flights, resorts and holiday on La Gomera: