Fabian Schaaf

March 12, 2018


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Discount funeral services are on the rise of Hamburg, April 19, 2011 last year were 20 percent of all burials, about 170,000 of 840,000, so-called discount burials. The Bestattungen.de experts can be classified as discount funeral burials, where the total costs amounted to less than 1.200,-euro (no cemetery fees). This year is expected to increase the discount burials from 30 per cent to about 220,000. Increased demand is driven by two social factors, as well as an economic reason to discount burials. The survey of Bestattungen.de among clients for discount burials has as social reasons low familial binding”(58 percent) as well as physical distance” (47 percent) identified. “The indication is not sufficient funds” (41 percent) is the economically relevant factor.

Often have no contact with relatives more to each other, have not seen in years or there are no children who could go to the funeral. Members see the funeral then often just yet as pure obligation. The costs are kept to a minimum”, explains Fabian Schaaf, CEO of Bestattungen.de. In addition, the price war burials in the low price segment, by the transparency created by the Internet, has intensified. And thus the price advantage for the customer more attractive. In parallel increased the social acceptance of discount offers. Not only food discounters such as Aldi and Lidl, the discount trend is reached also at the funeral.

In addition, always less people value set to a large funeral ceremony or a lavish burial site. One death, families nowadays often choose an anonymous burial, in which there is no future maintenance for the grave. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. Many discounters increasingly specialize in the anonymous burial and partly advertise with lock offers of less than 400,-euro. To not fall on rogue providers, members should compare offers from approved loading Stattern and final prices”explained Schaaf.