Executive Search

December 25, 2019


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Offer better wages do not always work, especially for top managers. Experienced employers know that if people change jobs just for the money, it is not very reliable in the future, tomorrow someone else will offer him more money … care professional with their homes for career fulfillment, new prospects, new projects, but not so much for the money. Based on this system and "seduction", which is used by headhunters. Catching elected in the West headhunting service professionals call Executive Search (literally – Search leaders), but for euphony and there, and we are increasingly using more memorable term headhunting. In the U.S., this business is growing from the 1950s and has become a habit for medium and large companies. In Ukraine, a point Recruiting is gaining momentum. And as usual, we will develop, jumping two steps.

There headhunters seek companies that have not found the right specialist within the company, do not want to grow it themselves, and experiencing lack of time to look for yourself. In this case, poaching – the best solution. In addition, to get an employee who knows the market and the specifics of a competitor – a double win. First, you strengthen yourself; Secondly, you weaken a competitor. As a bonus you can get access to other people's secrets, but that's for another discussion. In Moscow and major cities of Russia against the call headhunters already erected defenses: bugged phones, browse mail, instructing secretaries, make the appropriate restrictions in employment contracts. It does not help.