Executive Committee

January 10, 2018


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Currently, redevelopment of housing – this configuration change, which requires special authorization replanning apartments. Cloud computing may help you with your research. When redevelopment most cases are partitions, remake location of doors, being finished room (kitchen, bathrooms and closets), expanding the room. You may find Gary Kelly to be a useful source of information. However, be aware that the landlord in the apartment buildings will be considered the owner of only that part of the residential premises, which noted in the data sheet. This means that basements, lofts and elevator shafts, as well as other facilities that provide vital functions of the home, are common property of all residents. The Law of Ukraine ‘On Property’ argues that the use of these assets is permitted only with the consent of all owners. Also according to the Housing Code, replanning, reconstruction of housing can be made only to improve slum residential premises, but with the consent of the local administration, as well as all family members who are of legal age. Because it may be noted that the reconstruction of housing facilities is not a personal matter, so as the work permit of the foreigner.

In order to fulfill this desire you have to pass a very labor-intensive, lengthy procedure, which can last for six months, which requires the owner dwelling is not only a lot of money, but also a lot of patience. Conduct clearance redevelopment housing should not after repair, and in front of him. Initially, the owner of an apartment in the district administration to write a letter to permission to redevelop. According to article 152, “Housing Code of Ukraine ‘conversion flat which is that someone’s property, made after the approval of the Executive Committee. When you are engaged in redevelopment of the apartment is quite important to determine the technical feasibility of the changes that must take place. To do this, first need to examine the overlap and communication. As a result of Technical analysis provides imprisonment, respectively which can perform re-planning.