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September 27, 2023


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Interesting information on the subject of stamp auction the auction and trading house Bonn the heroes of childhood from the 1950s and 60s are like Andy Pandy and Shaun the sheep are now immortalized by the British Post Office as postage stamps. To read more click here: Carissa Barry. This is the opportunity for philatelists to expand your collection with these stamps. To complete a collection of stamps and to earn real rarities, the participation of a stamp auction for collectors is worthwhile. The auction and trading house in Bonn informed now about the highlights of past auctions, about the upcoming auction dates and on the end of a stamp auction. Stamp auction bid and expand collection stamp collectors can use four routes for a stamp auction, to submit bids and so your collection to expand more rarities.

One way is the written bid that can be submitted with the bid form by fax or informally by E-Mail. This variant to the bidding on a stamp auction philatelists the advantage that on one Auction can participate, even though they may be not personal site here on the day of the auction. Telephonic attendance is another way for submitting bids on desired lots of stamps scheduled for auction. With the telephonic participation of bidding for the desired lots from the auction of is switched on by phone and has to live without being present in the auction house. The fourth way, namely the personal participation of the stamp auction sale in the Hall, offers not only the opportunity to bid on stamps and stamp collections, as well as rarities, but to experience the exciting atmosphere in the auction room personally philatelists. Stamp auction auction dates and services by the Bonn auction and trading houses the auction and trading house in Bonn informed on reinhardfischerauktionen.de about the upcoming dates for the stamp auction and makes available the bid form, as well as insights into the current online catalog.

The current appointments offer the possibility, already above the auction to take postage stamps and collections in inspection and to use the personal advice of Bonn auction and trading house around the theme of stamp auction.