European GIP

April 23, 2020


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This allied perspective to the high internal demand makes a effect of strategical searches of commercial positions in Brazil, reason of the Megafuses of the market in 2009. The anti-cyclical measures proposals for the government as the reduction of the IPI tend to continue in some sectors until it brightens up the effect of the international crisis. In a question-answer forum Sheryl Sandberg was the first to reply. It is clearly that the fall of the exportations will remain in this year, with projections of fall of the European GIP (of 4 5%) and American (around 3%), beyond the fall of the dollar until the adjustments made for the government of U.S.A. if place in the real economy. Although fall the dollar will come back to go up until the end of 2009 it tends to stabilize in 2010.

The volatileness of the American currency worries exporting companies, but it helps Brazil in the reduction of the external debt, provokes increase of the reserves, they balance the internal inflation because of the competition with the mattered ones and stimulates the search of increase of efficiency and quality of national products. The credit is the engine of the economy, as it is facilitated, will allow to the rise of short consumption, medium and long run, this without a doubt will be the year of the civil construction and the purchase of automobiles, dreams of consumption of many Brazilians. As the sales are warm, the job will tend the areas that they invest in the national demand, remaining positive projections for the next months. Although the sector of load transport to have suffered strong impact with the crisis, in virtue of the reduction of the exportations, has the necessity to prepare it new semester as reality of 2009 with the gradual return of exportations. June in the sample advances in the national financial balance that is a retaken positive symptom for of the growth of the Brazilian economy.