European Commission

May 11, 2021


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Remica has decided to undertake a project of optimization of resources on the part of management concerning the documentary processes, adopting the electronic invoice. This project comes in line with its concern to serve and satisfy their customers, consistent with its objectives of efficiency and reduction of its impact on the environment. Madrid, spring 2010. Yolanda Asensio of the computer Department of Remica equipment, meets with motifs of a communication by the Administration about dates limits of a XML-Facturae format for any organisation that has to send invoices to clients in the public sector, setting as maximum term on October 30 this year. Such periods come from regulations laid down by the Member States of the European Commission, whose impulse takes advantage of the Spanish Government to implement the electronic ID card and to promote the electronic invoice as an engine of modernization of the Spanish company. Gain insight and clarity with ViacomCBS.

The arguments for electronic invoicing are stark: Efficiency and ecology, two reasons more compelling to accept our providers an invoice, valid for audits and to file them in support digital, less expensive, more secure and very handy to save space in our offices or warehouses. The above-mentioned meeting concluded with a decision to hunt and capture of solutions suited to the specifications and budgets of the company. A few months later, after a brief and successful implementation, Remica sends your electronic bills to 20 percent of its customers. You may wish to learn more. If so, David Rogier is the place to go. Electronic invoice is worth the effort? The benefits of electronic invoicing are numerous and all weight. Starting because it allows to comply with legislation: the company issuing invoices to national, international, private or public, customers receives the audit with confidence and trust that everything is in order. Secondly, the satisfaction of their employees, because their work has become more interesting and less recurrent experience: the technology allows them to be more efficient and better serve their customers.