Europe Costs

March 21, 2018


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Other lines of insurance of car insurance car insurance the insurance replaced damage to your own vehicle and applies in Europe in the geographical sense. Basically, there are 2 distinct variants: 1 partial cover insurance or even elemental hull called 2. comprehensive or partial cover insurance also collision hull called replaced damage to your own vehicle by forces of nature, fire, broken glass, burglary, theft, animal bite, collision with animals, etc. either there are extensions with or without Park damage and vandalism. The partial cover insurance replaced comprehensive damage to your own vehicle in addition to the services itself caused accident. CAR passenger accident insurance the passenger accident insurance protects the handlebar and all occupants in the event of accidents, which occur in connection with the use of the vehicle. MOTOR legal protection insurance which insurance takes over the enforcement of your legal interests in disputes resulting from the use of the vehicle on the road. According to the insurance contract, this following can Benefits and costs include: cost Jakob Walter for Attorney and expert, consulting fees, court costs, witness fees, costs of the armed opponent, etc.