November 12, 2018


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The consequent one raises of the barrel of crude forces, us to all to contribute in the financing of the hostilities, the multinationals that spill succulent sums to the coffers of the countries of first world to that they belong, alleviates the pressure on his devaluated currencies, all the Central banks of the world without concerning their degree of development, also leave to the rescue of the American currency, if the dollar of devaluates, stagger their economies and the competitiveness of its exportable products vanishes. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. In the middle of this climate of uncertainty they arise the restauradores, the guarantors of universal La Paz, those that self-proclaim defenders of the human rights, and demand that the war is declared, to defend the values of the democracy, to save the life of the right ones that suffer by the badnesses of the international terrorism, is necessary to bomb its cities to them, to destroy its terrorist homes, his wifves and their children, futures like its parents. Like at the outset, we asked ourselves They return the dominant nations to vindicate the surpassed times of colonialism? In the middle of all these manifestations of absurd behavior of " homo sapiens" we must add another Rep to him it to our necklace, the touching component, without a doubt we are sensible creatures to stories of you foretell, with toads that become good looking princes and pure maids and chaste that are taken to the altar in vehicles thrown by beautiful horses, while the town goes forming multitudes to its step and is happy and eats partridges, for always in its imposing palaces Then, to mitigate the tensions, that are like the bread ours of every day, the economic crisis of the great majority of the countries of Europe, the high level of unemployment it raises, it of the prices the consumption, the violence, the deportations to undocumented people, the deads in the battlefields and follows and it follows Hallelujah! We have a Real Wedding, " Habemus Papa" they marry Guillermo and Catherine, after eight long years of loving coexistence, there am a brief summary of so transcendental event here: " Prince Guillermo and Kate Middleton gave yes in a glamorosa and traditional wedding realque passed in the millenarian abbey of Westminster, before the eyes of the entire world. .