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May 11, 2014


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Financial products can be compared online well who wanted to compare even the conditions for fixed-term deposits or day money terms about 15 years ago, relied on financial magazines – or marched from a bank branch to the next. Regardless of that this procedure is very time consuming the conditions were already out of date then often after a short time. Today, there are any other possibilities, all terms and conditions of financial products can be compared at rest and with much transparency. Insurance products, caution is advised, since these are generally more complex advice, as many financial products such as checking accounts, money market accounts and time deposit accounts. Another advantage is the high competition of banks on the Internet, which has of course better conditions to the result for the end user.

Due by this contest outdo the banks close to the new customer actions, often there is a deposit bonus of up to EUR 100 for opening a free checking account. That interested parties should contact the on the search for suitable financial products or other checking account are, take advantage. The same applies to securities or money market accounts, also here the providers give partial high bonuses. Who is then still not sure, have found the right financial product can look around in forums or blogs. There you will receive many independent information, opinions and experiences of other customers.

Where is very important to ensure whether a criticism actually has substance – because it may also well be that the error lies with the customers, or prospects. A corresponding diversity of opinions, then gives a representative cut – which should be meaningful. Regardless of the already huge time savings – and much better possibilities for comparison, the account is very simple. You fill out an application form online, print out everything and then participate in the Postidentverfahren for your own safety. This means that you must show once briefly to the post and those who you are. It was then already, everything else is more or less by alone, if you except that each product must be filled with life – say, receipt of money -. Customer benefit is clearly in the transparency, time saving, to find the better conditions and the significantly more convenient way, to search for the product that is right for you – and also. Also, many perceive it as uncomfortable, consult personally – what is not at all necessary for these products. Changes and additions can be made then online where you should deal very carefully with your login data. If you not negligent act at this point, usually no financial damage can incur. The banks constantly trying to improve the security in the area of online banking.