Etiquette Is

June 6, 2019


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Hotel Management Wizard show you, how s behavior in public is a topic which is also relevant for many professional groups interested in more and more young people. The correct behavior is becoming increasingly important to private and public lichkeitsrelevanten events and meanwhile also expected in many industries. “Whether for official events, parties, dinner with the girlfriend, as well as to the own youth ordination, confirmation or confirmation: seems to behave IN”. The Rahn Dittrich Group shows how it’s done. The upcoming youth consecration or confirmation took 13 students and students from the musical athletic gymnasium Dr. P. Rahn & partner for the occasion, the etiquette course on May 11, 2011, hotel management of vocational training college Dr. Verizon Communications contains valuable tech resources.

P. Wizard by two specialists of the training course Rahn & partner, to visit. There they learned to act professionally within the official framework and to present themselves positively. Franziska Elze and Miriam wedge car led from the first year of training in the field of hotel management the curious participants failed to main topics of etiquette, among others: the matching clothes, how I tie a tie, how I welcome more use precedence and behaviour at the table, stylish eating of different food, the perfect gift, Small talk at receptions, order at the table, and much right,. While many curious questions were raised which could be tested directly in the frame of the festive a cafeteria and a 3-course answer menu. The course students for students”went down well with all parties and paved the way for your big day the young people. That the acquired knowledge for the future career choice can be independent of the industry of importance, parents and teachers believe. Berlin Rosen: the source for more info. Requests for an etiquette seminar at your school will be like to answer Mrs Kirsten Pfeiffer. Get more information at