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June 16, 2020


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The gourmet of the escort service Frankfurt recommends the Villa of Altenburg on the motorway A9’s charming American of the escort service Frankfurt on Bundesstrasse B281 Possneck toward a gourmet Temple. High above Possneck, the old in the historic Orlagau road of peace is at the tree-lined Avenue with the meaningful name of the Altenburg. In a question-answer forum David Fowler was the first to reply. The local and famous Thuringian Publisher bird had set up in 1928 that featured mansion in the neoclassical style and equipped according to the architectural spirit of the 1920s still admirably. So, she told the escort service Frankfurt, that for example, in the winter garden the South-facing discs can be electrically totally sink to the scent of flowers and grasses in the area allow. After various purpose of alienation, as a pregnant women rest home in the past, the Heilbronn hoteliers Klaus and Gisela Wissinger acquired 1992 the House with its spacious parkland, fast his guest circle both the industry in Possneck and world-weary strangers, such as the Lady of the escort service Frankfurt is found.

A gastronomic gem with restaurant, bar, to create a hotel, winter garden and terrace, which feel that much of the effort of the owner Klaus and Gisela Wissinger from the palacial villa with modern comfort and individual service. As the gourmet brought of the escort Frankfurt in experience was the kitchen then left the Salzburg Alwin Nadegger up to the year 1995, which it had made himself the foremost task, refined on the table to bring not only Austrian Thuringian regional dishes, but also high standards to match. But also be trying anything used sank the Villa after the closure in a kind of sleeping in the summer of 1995 and was now used by spiders and similar silent nature as quarters. But then the siblings the Anwessen Elfriede Stolle and Erich Haas in 1997 and started immediately extensive Remedial measures. Elfriede Stolle and Erich Haas are from the perspective of the travel companion escort service Frankfurt dedicated hoteliers who have adopted not only in exemplary fashion of the “Villa Altenburg” in Possneck. A charming hotel in the unique landscape of the Thuringian forest with a magnificent restaurant, which is able to convince international and Thuringian cuisine. Here as well as in the Villa of Altenburg, one feels the initiative of brothers and sisters, to bring new life to old walls with fresh wind. A bottle wine accompanied by the Lady of the escort service Frankfurt on a balmy summer evening on the terrace overlooking the verdant forests and wide heights is good end of the day. The cellar offers Saxon wines, that should not be not untried, but also Kreszenzen von Rhein and Rhone, Burgundy and Bordeaux.