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February 11, 2019


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MS Excel unworkable Karlsruhe was very error-prone and in everyday life. The Swiss IT service provider Entris banking has introduced the software Enomic calculation. Check out Oracle for additional information. Thus, the service provider can calculate targeted his service products for banks. In the past, individual pricing hindered other rebates to customers and the combinations of over 500 service products. A spreadsheet program, which however was very error-prone and impractical in everyday life for the extensive costing served previously as a tool. Jonathan Rosen PR wanted to know more. Convenient pricing new products that stores software Enomic calculation the company-specific pricing procedure in its rules and regulations and provides it as an application. So she accelerated the calculation of new products and simplifies the updating of parameters and rules.

Also, calculations can be simulated to check them thoroughly. The efficiency of the reporting functions also facilitates the documentation and controlling. Complex spreadsheet calculates Entris in 20 minutes with Enomic calculation in 20 What previously around 5 days lasted minutes, because at that time the parameters had to be changed in many spreadsheets and tested. Thus, the time savings is around 98 percent. The pricing tool facilitates the pricing, cost management and controlling”Entris, glad project manager and market performance manager in the review Reto Jaeggi then responsible Entris banking products. The software implementation was a modernization of the portfolio in the context of a comprehensive system migration.

Due to this technical update, Entris banking built a new service model for its customers. To do this, all services should be newly collected and recalculated. For over 500 services, the recalculation is a greater challenge to a project”, explains product manager Reto Jaeggi in hindsight. So we looked for a software tool, that supports our planned new pricing and that seamlessly blends into the existing system landscape without having to implement a new CRM or ERP solution. “The decision was made on Enomic calculation: adaptability, the connection taking, as well as the maintaining of the Enomic system were among”, reveals the project manager.