Enrique Meirelles

April 22, 2020


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If it was alone because of the interests, it would have a strong migration for the fixed income, and the shareholding market would be sinking. it affirms the Banco.Para the consultant Trends, the investments right-handers in Brazil must be remained until the end of the year, but not in the same April level. According to company, the US$ 3,4 billion in foreign investments for the productive sector had been a surprise for the market and the BC: ‘ ‘ The trend is that the investments right-handers turn around US$ 2 billion the US$ 2,5 billion for month. It is a robust, but lesser value that in the last year. This because the companies who had started projects of long stated period cannot stop in the way. But novos’ will be difficult to appear projects; ‘. Government until already studies measured to diminish the entrance of function of the increase of the flow of foreign capital the government is arguing to retake the collection of the Tax on Operation Finances (IOF) in the foreign investments in fixed income, that are directed over all to the purchase of public headings. The most likely one is that an aliquot one of 1,5% is reestablished, what, in a context of fall of taxes of interests, means that the valuation will go proportionally to a bigger parcel of the interests received for the investors foreigners. In 27 of May the president of the Central banking, Enrique Meirelles, had affirmed in deposition in the Congress that the valuation with the IOF could be, hypothetically, one of the exits to deal with the increasing flow of foreign capitals to the country, one of the factors that take the appreciation of the Real. In the reality, this is a measure that, of the point of view concrete, already is being argued inside of the government.