June 11, 2024


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“Infra-red technology takes every day new applications Kreiszeitung.de Bremen – by Ilka Lacoste, whether in man over Bord’ Lake or a cable break in the control cabinet, infrared is a reliable technique a person to locate and visualize a technical problem”, outlined Voja Tasevski, Managing Director of Ta infrared technology, the possibilities of the use of thermal cameras. Tim TA has successfully mastered the leap into self-employment. Where the eye is failing, FLIR infrared cameras take pictures of heat radiation. For two years, TA is independent with his own company in Bremen. And since then, thermography is his business. As Ta infrared technology “he makes thermal images of buildings or electrical equipment, sells cameras and trains users. Imaging, a special software evaluates the data of the camera and created a colorful picture of heat. ares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). Red areas on the image in buildings for example thermal bridges indicate that the unnecessary Energy cost and could be eliminated by a renovation.

“When the Elektrothermografie red areas in the graphics indicate most urgent need for action: where broken lines, damaged insulation, and outdated levers produce heat”, ta tells. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiger Global. The Red visible heat spots”marked these critical points and allowed the timely repair of devices. So as motors, pumps, or switchgear could be stored against short circuits. Further areas of application are checking high-voltage connections, aircraft turbines, or pipelines. Everywhere, where materials become over-utilized, formed by thermal fields, which indicate the problem, but the human eye not perceived, to know the professional. Even in darkness, the infrared cameras are superior to the human eye.

Police, border patrol and security services took advantage of the technology among the people search: a person’s body temperature stands out clearly from the colder environment. To Tasevskis Customers include above all industrial enterprises, construction companies and building experts. On request, it searches for construction defects, leaks in piping systems, as well as mold on ceilings and walls. In energy terms, but also in matters of security, maintenance and fire protection a growing number of companies with infrared systems equips”, says TA. You buy the camera systems from us and can train your employees in our training seminars. Starting he has Ta 2007 now three student assistants, a full-time employee and two external staff. He could significantly exceeded its self-imposed corporate objectives in the first few years. This year, he installed a technical customer hot line. Its successful launch of the entrepreneur initiative rewarded b.e.g.in”with third place at the Bremen founder’s prize. Ta technology of infrared thermal imaging cameras and measurement by the specialist dealer.