August 22, 2020


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In lathe to these beings, often frightening, a hint of mystery which makes them popular characters and although nobody sees them as real beings, the literature dealing with them is to become the most widely read, and these is nothing more nor less than the real vampires given. What is what arouses the interest of people in these real or not blood-hungry vampires who have not died? The phenomenon of vampirism is a current fact or goes back to more distant eras as in which prevailed the cannibalism? Often nowadays we have attitudes or practice social acts as providing ignoring the sacred character inspired by rituals practiced in ancient times. By way of example it suffices to recall that in other times family and friends of a deceased gathered around this and devoraban it leaving only the bones, which were buried, but these people were actual vampires. The belief of this custom was to avoid that the spirit in the future rondara and sow panic. Another way to prevent the emergence of a deceased, demonstrating the fear that is has or had the dead, was to meet to celebrate a feast on the grave and then let him by way of offering food if it was hungry, lest it is happens you go in search of it.

Sample of these rites are the discovery of bits of food found by archaeologists in Egyptian, Indian graves, etc. With the passage of time these customs were changing by others and were forgotten. What is ofrendaba already was not food but gold, flowers which stay until today. With the change from food to flowers offerings, the dead bothered and began to devour each other in search of something to chew belief that kicked off the legends of real vampires. This belief gained momentum in the middle ages with two authors who wrote treaties about the dead who are still eating at the Tomb. To avoid that the dead continue eating adopted the habit before closing the coffin and bury them (if it was the case) tie them a handkerchief to the jaw leaving the closed mouth of the deceased. However this often managed to leave his grave in search of victims whom the blood devour or extract them. If, according to these accounts is tax the origin of vampirism and the belief that truly there are real vampires. Information taken from: original author and source of the article.