Educational Infrastructure

October 26, 2015


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The Cear and the Democratic Management of the Public School in Brazil. After the long period of dictatorship for which it passed Brazil, in middle of the decade of 1980, had, esperadamente, the ressurgimento of the democracy in our country. This event generated innumerable ways to give to access to a new panorama economic politician and in our society, the example of what in it says NASPOLINI to them (2001, P. 169), ' ' With the process of redemocratizao of the country, in 1985, a politician-economic movement had beginning in the State that came to call mudancismo, that if opposed to the coronelismo (1968-1986) ' '. The Mudancismo, of this form, is characterized, systematically, for innovative events in the State, where the spheres had been remodelled ' ' Administrative and Fiscal, 1986-1990; Health, 1986-1990; of Educational Infrastructure and Privatizations, 1991-1999 and 1995-2000' ' , throughout more or less fifteen years – between 1986 and 2000.' ' (NASPOLINI: 2001, P. 169). Inside of the space of the Pertaining to the state of Cear Public School, such events had been taking this institution if to adapt to the new panorama of Education tax for the system. A great occured innovation in this system inside of the Cear, through this process of democratization of the Public School the national level, was the election of directors for the pertaining to school community, in the year of 1995, as it tells VIEIRA (2007, P.

46): The process of election and election of directors for the pertaining to school community was introduced in the state net in 1995 … Such innovation brought many profits of the point of view of the alternation of the power, representing alternative positive to the previous criterion of the indication politics for the nomination of directive positions in the schools. With the election of directors, the Cear started to coexist a participativa school, glad e, in a generalized manner, with one better management. .