May 23, 2018


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The school has the essential function to teach to contents and necessary abilities to the participation of the individual in the society, taking it, through its specific work, to understand its proper reality, placing itself in it, interpreting it and contributing for its transformation. When analyzing the book in study, no longer first chapter in them is presented a research for evaluation of as it comes being worked practical of education of reading and literature in average education, through directed questionnaires the pupils and professors. Exactly with always the existing imperfections in the results of research, one perceives many factors that come harming the favorable education of literature in Brazil. Our pupil of the present time, exactly passing good part of its life in the school, if dedicating to the reading, written and in the three last years to literature, it is perceivable that it has a reading that much leaves to desire, having only 5% of the pupils of average education, in accordance with data of the Saeb, a good level in the reading abilities. They meet without many changes the education of literature in our country has many decades, and the reasons take inheritances ideological, politics, contextual, etc., but, so that this picture can start to move, she is necessary that the professor of average education takes conscience on the real value of the literature education. Literature comes being studied of traditional form, with historical, characteristic chronology and contextualizao of authors and workmanships; what it would have to move, therefore, as already said previously, the school must have as focus the formation of competent readers. The literature education would have to be compromised to the development of abilities of the reading of literary texts. The insatisfao of the proper pupils ahead of expositivas lessons is well-known also, in which it does not have altiva voice, preferring, thus, dialgicas lessons, bringing the reading for its reality and correlated it with other arts in study.