Ecofriendly Packaging Chips

April 8, 2019


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Eco-friendly are polystyrene or Polystyrenchips? Our opinion: ‘no’, because:-Polystyrol is also polystyrene filling material to date the evidence remained guilty to be “compostable” according to recognized standards (E.g. EN 13432)! -In connection with polystyrene packing chips, the assertion of the biological degradability it falls. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. Everything is actually biodegradable, even uranium and plutonium are biodegradable, it takes only a few million years! Biodegradability is a quality criterion for environmental performance per se, but she must more accurately considered / questions are: – In compared to Certified compostable packaging chips (these are eaten by microorganisms!), packing material about a stay with polystyrene to small particles of plastic left over long period of time. Due to this long period, up to the full biological decomposition, a risk of these tiny plastic particles, is impressively described in the movie “Plastic Planet” and in this newspaper article. Here’s a Excerpt from it: source world online: tiny plastic particles to poison the food chain… “Richard Thompson at the University of Plymouth has studied how larger plastic parts in the water into increasingly smaller particles decay and how microorganisms react to this. Therefore, the plastic particles accumulate toxins from the sea water and ensure concentrations that are greater than the water thousands of times.

This is the danger was given that more and more marine organisms take the particles as food, according to the researchers. Then it’ll be quite dangerous, because this will bring the toxins in the organism of larger animals…” LCA: There are now LCAS, where products such as compostable packaging chips made from renewable resources are directly compared with crude oil-based products such as polystyrene / polystyrene packing chips. Looking at these comparisons, life cycle assessments more accurately, so it should be noted unfortunately, that resulted in negative influences such as tanker accidents, pollution, caused by crude oil production Damage to the environment as a whole, as well as the financial cost of the political influence in the assisted areas of crude oil are still not even begin brought with their costs and consequences for man and the environment into account! This would be the case, an objective comparison, the LCA with security would fail differently.