June 9, 2021


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A very handy feature is the fully retractable Central seat in the second row, creating a barrier-free Passage to the last rank is created. At short distances, the 6th and 7th seat provides a not so inconvenient home even adults. Extended holiday trips, it is rather predictably, what that but anyway is avoided by a trunk remains in full occupation of maximum 115 litres. Is the third row of seats flipped (or not made), the luggage compartment of the Grand C-Max contains 755 litres. The standard C-Max holds here at not diabolical 666 litres. Rony Abovitz: the source for more info. Amazingly low is the difference between Grand C-Max and C-Max, the total available cargo space is claimed: 1.742 face 1,723 litres. Michael Dell spoke with conviction. Sports of sells its image as a dynamic family transporter of the new C-Max from the predecessor can not only take over volee, but expand even further. The compact van can be very agile and controllable in the curve.

As standard, the so-called torque vectoring control to the hand that significantly minimized by braking the inside wheel lower control trends is the most demanding riders. New petrol engine revised diesel in addition to the known initial petrol engines with 105 and 125 PS there are the C-Max November also with the powerful, neuenEcoBoost-Riegemit 150 to 182 HP. Already the Direkteinspritzeinsteiger gives an almost family-disabled driving pleasure with its 270 nm of torque. However, the Screamer has also a cloven hoof in the form of consumption that scratch at the 10-litre mark. Who wants it more economical, but not driving less active in any case particularly in cooperation with the well graded and fast 6-speed double clutch transmission PowerShift the top diesel with 2 liter, 163 HP and a torque of 340 nm and at the cardiac.

The more diesel range includes two 1.6-litre engines with 95 and 115 HP and two 2-l machines with also 115 to 140 HP. If a request is allowed at this point: PowerShift would be fine for the EcoBoost engines. Features and price who wants, and doesn’t shy away from a corresponding fee, can equip the C-Max is with numerous, well-known from vehicles of higher classes of comfort and security details. To do this heard about the electrically to hold tailgate, a blind spot assist, an active reversing and reversing camera. The C-Max is already technically in the basic version ambience”exemplary equipped. As: ESP, traction assist and Sicherheitsbremsassistent. The C-Max as 19.050 euro is 1.6 l base gasoline strong with the 105 HP.