Eco-friendly LED Pool Light

October 24, 2018


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Save power and costs by upgrading old power eaters which Dipl.-ing. Rainer Englert is new Managing Director since 2010 the portfolio consistently on the issue of eco-friendliness and sustainability of what make a current social trend and brought in the expiring year sales growth. In addition to a further expansion of the LED luminaire portfolio, it was thus logical to assume also the exclusive representative of Germany by BOWMAN, which offers very interesting special heat exchanger for solar collectors and heat pumps. Also the skin and environmentally friendly salt electrolysis devices of the Australian MONARCH became an interesting alternative to chlorination and a real bestseller. Light bulbs are simply no longer up-to-date in times of high energy prices and increasing environmental protection requirements. Therefore it is not surprising also that LED technology within a few years, despite the significantly higher cost in the area of the underwater Spotlight unavoidable standard have become. The mercury – and cadmium-containing energy-saving bulbs, found recently in the living room, are not an option in swimming pools, because who would like to come with these dangerous pollutants in touch when time a defect or leakage should occur. LEDs are, however, schadstoffrei, also provide new technical possibilities such as extremely low power consumption, significantly longer life, longer maintenance intervals, small, chic designs and also coloured light.

AquTechnics introduced a slew of new product lines for the pool illumination to the Aquanale in Cologne in 2011. The SLIMLINE RGB DMX color lamp features a DMX controller, which for the first time pool lighting can be integrated into an overall lighting concept, also a direct color control is possible with color wheel or via PC. A production start-up is planned for March 2012. The needs of communal swimming pool operators and hotels a brand new series has been optimized for high-performance lamps name ProLine. This robust models with a stainless steel look were trimmed on highest light output (4000 lumens), durability, ease of maintenance and reliability for this target group, where it arrives on long operating life, plenty of light and minimal power consumption.