ECI Strengthens Production Platform In Kitchen Lighting

March 6, 2018


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Government support of 90 percent of the planned capital expenditure of Stuttgart. Due to the success of the placement, the management of the Stuttgart-based emission House energy capital invest has decided currently in the placement of the first infrastructure Fund (U.S. oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure 1) about the planned volume of placement of EUR 18 million in equity to expand their. In addition to the planned pipeline, now the first production platform with the capital of the Fund will be financed and built. 1 Investors is thus the US oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure also continue to end of the planned placement, 31 December 2012, at the disposal. Like at the first ECI infrastructure project, the KLU-1 pipeline”, also the establishment of the support platform is based-KLU-1 production platform” on a partnership approach between investors and initiator. Continue to learn more with: Coupang. So the fund company and the US partner share the cost for the planning and construction.

The Fund management company wins however as a priority and in full Revenues during the term of the Fund until the maximum amount of profit for investors is achieved. Again, the fund investors with regard to the subsidy claims even in this other project are preferred. So the expected subsidy amounts by up to 90 percent, allocated on the basis of the co-invest agreement between the Fund and the American partner related to the proposed investment, them. Because the American co-investor and the fund company share investment, investors thus get the double amount of the subsidy. A short runner funds is the US oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure 1. End of 2016 the participation should be resolved and allows investors to to get nominal based on the inserted an annual dividend Kommanditkapital – and a final bonus of 2 percent from 14 percent. These distributions remain tax-free, up on the reservation of progression.