Eastern European Countries

January 27, 2018


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Zielona Gora – Eastern European currencies fall dramatically. According to economic experts, the decline of the Polish Zloty by the banking crisis in the United States will lead to a review and a rise in the inflation rate in Poland. We have to deal in detail due to the close economic relationship between production and sales with this topic. Not only the economy is affected. It hits individuals hard. How to learn from the Polish press is more than 600,000 Polish households have borrowed in the not inconsiderable amount in Polish banks in foreign currencies. Understandable due to the initial good economic boom in Poland.

The price increase of almost 20% in the last 12 months leads to dramatic situations. Skeptics see already a Polish banking crisis. Also further economic development is in question. Impulses are to stop this, for the Polish export industry not in sight. Because most of the importing countries are even at the beginning of a review. In addition, that a further Expiration of the Zloty, which will quickly grow in work emigration of Polish workers abroad.