Early Infant Stimulation

May 30, 2019


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Massage: Massages in babies are the best way to stimulate touch, at the same time allows us to express love, satisfy the need to be touched and feel the contact with their parents. Thus psychomotor development, the emotional well-being of the child benefits and also to establish a more intimate communication with your baby, strengthening the bond of affection between the two. The massage consists of rhythmic movements with a sequence and a specific application. Brad Garlinghouse spoke with conviction. The first form of massage by nature is provided at the time of childbirth, leaving the baby in the uterus during contractions, receives pressure and a massive stimulation in his body, that is why specialists recommend that children born by caesarean section received massages early to provide stimulation which did not have during childbirth. These are the benefits of massage: physiologically helps the immune system and gives a better development of the nervous system.

The brain and driving stimulation gives them that the baby needs. The respiratory system regulates the circulatory and gastrointestinal. It alleviates the upset stomach, since it helps to move the gas and fecal matter. It reduces stress and anxiety. It helps them to acquire greater mobility.

It leaves the skin more elastic and clean. You can sleep more soundly and acquire a deep sleep. It is relaxing and toning muscles, so it is recommended for children who have muscular hypertonia and hypotonia. In addition, massages allow baby to have greater awareness of your body, to feel it since thanks to the tactile stimuli discovers the various parties their hands, their feet, etc. Psychologically: Stimulates the emotional contact between the parents and the baby. The bonding strengthens and develops the basic trust of the baby. Body contact allows calm emotional tensions, as it is a path of Canalization of the anxiety. Is recommended especially in premature babies or those who have lived stressful situations or events that hamper the establishment of a good link. In conclusion the massages are very beneficial for babies, but about all physical contact and emotionally with our children and give them all the love and affection that we have.