Each Crisis Demands An Answer

February 2, 2018


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The Sodexo restaurant pass the rescue package for motivation and confidence of employees Frankfurt, November 04, 2008 – perspective is difficult at the moment (NBASOPM08112008) -: every day there is a new message in terms of financial crisis; the rescue package the Government, via the trust of investors against banks, information about constantly fluctuating prices and more and more opinions and expert statements about the way and the reforms out of the crisis. All unsettled staff in addition that affects negatively on motivation and enthusiasm in the business environment. Thus, it is one of the core tasks of good personnel management, to promote the motivation and to develop appropriate incentive schemes for employees, admits George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager for Sodexo. It is important to keep a cool head and tried to reflect in the crisis. The restaurant pass gives security State-subsidized staff catering offers a good alternative to existing confidence. So can send up to 5.77 euros in the form of a restaurant pass tax-free to employees on each working day company. Thus, 86.55 euros are per month per worker in the year and even up to 1.269,40 Euro tax and social tax-free cash available.

So there is the possibility of efficiently increasing the net pay of the employee: beneficial for employees and also without additional Lohnnebenkostenbelastung for the company. So, a small instrument like the restaurant leads to a great added value for all pass. Motivation potential also in the difficult environment of the restaurant ensures pass even in economically \”difficult\” times action game rooms. Companies benefit from the tax advantages of the staff meals and can use food checks immediately and without costly administrative structures. The restaurant pass offers the company a (tax) favourable option of salary increase for their employees. Through the daily use of food stamps a motivatorischer is also in the long term Achieve benefits.