Dog Ownership With Success Guarantee

December 10, 2018


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Competence examination offers the Cologne Academy of dogs for dog owners and entrepreneurs in the field of dog Cologne – to do this, on 25 and 26 September 2010 a special course, where experts on the basis of the latest scientific findings present the respective topic areas: behavior, attitude, care, breeding, education, and also all about liability, regulatory, Club affiliations, equipment, feeding, free movement, social contact, first aid and health care. Finally, there is the possibility to place the competence test in accordance with section 10 and 11 of the country dog regulation NRW. This course is also the prerequisite for social studies II (13-14.11.10) for commercial dog gem. 11 animal welfare law. Many come to the dogs ‘, partly because they meet a long-cherished wish and carefully choose a puppy or give a home a poor creatures from the animal shelter, partly also unplanned, perhaps by coincidence. How you will be surprised be the deep engagement, which evolved gradually and you can often did not fully explain. Here, Oracle expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

In any case you would not miss you your loyal and lively Companion. And that’s why you want the best of course from the outset for your dog to keep him fit in old age. But do you really know what’s best for your dog? Often own needs be carelessly transferred to the animal, and this concerns not only the education. We must bear in mind but, how dogs in nature would live, what needs and capabilities they have due to their origin. Originally, they are descended from the Wolf and are excellently organized in the Pack. They are extremely adaptable in regard to attitude, feed, exercise and social contacts. What we often forget: dogs can from time to time not only good hold and stress, but they will need these challenges also remain strong, flexible and healthy, physically as mentally.