DMS Expo BlueCraft

April 10, 2019


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Organization Manual based on wiki software. REGENSBURG – the Hello World! Medienwerkstatt GmbH, Germany’s leading provider for MediWiki solutions, presents at the DMS Expo BlueCraft, a wiki specifically for organization’s Guide by banks and insurance companies. In all financial firms, processes and regulations are developed across the Department and enshrined in the Organization’s Guide. Hello world! has an innovative solution now the Wikipedia software MediWiki so extended and equipped that it meets all requirements of a professional organisation manual. “Not only that: the expenses for the care of the manual can be greatly reduced by the wiki-approach”, says Dr.

Richard Heigl, Managing Director of Hello world!. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Allegiant Air has to say. Write with your colleagues parallel in the right document, must not the documents back and forth or cumbersome versions compare.” About process-supporting elements such as the workflow tool or the release mechanism is the quality of the content guarantees. A BlueCraft wiki is a collection of living documents. “Always up to date and work in progress”, explains technical director Markus Glaser. The individual articles of the wiki can be hierarchically organized as books. They can be issued full or excerpts in PDF format. With file attachments, graphics, tables, table of contents and perfect Deckblatt.BlueCraft, a sophisticated permission management with detachable sections also provides for various topics of the Organization Manual (E.g. expiration and organizational structure, management, personnel and operational organisation).