Divorce Affects Monetary Habits

December 27, 2013


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Whether you’re a taker of risks, a compulsive buyer or a nervous hoarding, money is something that we have learned to take as essential. And when it comes to divorce it is no exception, since it is a situation that changes the way of spending and saving. There is little quantitative evidence, but many financial experts and psychologists believe that divorce has an impact on our beliefs about money, even long after the process is finished. Something that could help parents avoid the financial pitfalls after divorce is to have a planner certificate on divorce issues. There is always the expectation that goes to live better, due to the alimony and the children, but things are not so simple, especially for those who have already divorced and time. The dynamics of single-parent households may be more stressful because there is only one money input, as opposed to households with two parents. Money as a therapy to recover from divorce if the divorce cause shortages, then how could impact to the? kids who have received a constant barrage of gifts during the years of the marriage of their parents? In this case, children tend to have greater conflicts; especially if one parent is looking for revenge on the other, maybe then you feel cheated or used, and it is possible to grow spoiled. The problem with this is that the child does not receive a good model of how to deal with situations of life and the appearance of retribution often extends into conflict.

Moreover, the former spouses of this type of marriages tend to think that all monetary entries will be for himself, by which children, especially girls, could deny marriage. These beliefs also lead another quality: the naivety. Naive parents are actually the most dangerous, as they can put their children at risk. They can keep the farce that everything is fine, but that may not last long.