September 17, 2020


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Most people when they go to starting a business the first thing laying on the advantages and disadvantages of business in which they are going to invest your money and your time, and so they’re more secure that the Internet business can be as transparent, advantageous and as any other it also has its disadvantages them boy to explain everything you need to know all this from the ups and downs in the Internet business. Disadvantages know that started with the disadvantages that my parents always tell me that if you have to say two news a good and a bad start with the bad news so good sweeten the bitter of the bad. Well let’s start with the disadvantages of Internet business so they have a more easy-to-understand way, we will do so by enumeration. (1) Some of the disadvantages that have this type of business is that you have the possibility of that cheat on you and not know nor by photo who deceive you. (2) Another may be that it does not perform as expected or not work quickly as expected without having the result that you expect to have. (3) The possibilities of which you cheat in this kind of business are of 100% 55% know that the Internet is full of people who only want your money, and say I full of skillful. (4) The following disadvantage that has this kind of business is that sales are more slow that usually are very few people that have security buy a product online and have realize is well to do so, you know why is there many scammers on the Internet and that everybody knows and nobody want that they cheat. (5) The major disadvantage that I consider in these businesses is competencies that we compete with the world for example: If we have a product of losing weight not only are competing with people in our country if not with people around the world well at least where there is Internet and that this on all sides.