Disability Protection

May 16, 2018


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Tips and background information about the selection of the appropriate protection the risk of not being able to exercise his profession for health reasons, until the entry of the pension concerns not only artisans or total physically working groups. More and more members retiring prematurely forced from commercial, managerial and administrative occupations professional life. While at the rather physically working population the disability often cause of damage to the muscles, skeleton or other diseases such as cancer, lead increasingly also psychological causes (such as, for example, the Burnout Syndrome) to do so, that the job may not be exercised at the commercial professions. There is however no legal disability protection more for those who were born after the 01.01.1961. Typically, a life on the breadline threatens if no provision concerning a private disability insurance was made. Individual insurance companies are now transferred in terms of their offer of occupational disability insurance on individual professions to specialize in, to be able to offer particularly inexpensive conditions. Diplom-okonom Karsten of Wallace: A disability insurance must pay a monthly pension in an emergency for many years up to the time of retirement, unless the insured person no longer can perform his job. Because payouts by many tens of thousands come together quickly euro for the entire life of which the insurer to the customer to pay.

There, it is very important to find an appropriate insurance company, which makes clear statements of condition, offering a good price / performance ratio, but also reliable in the payment of pensions. Of course, we’re looking for the cheapest offer, but clear regulations for the relevant occupational group and a look at the financial strength and criteria also crucial the process quotas of insurers.” In particular to the profession of academics have now specialized different insurance companies offer special deals at high performance level. Wallace: insurance companies have to give anything away, but are oriented to win. This should be clear before. Statistics prove that, for example, people with degrees and more commercial professions offer a more favourable risk for the insurer, than other professions. These findings have used several companies and academics offer very affordable rates. Probably noticed: with comfortable protection. Because it just may go just in the area of disability not the proverbial cheapest offer to get, but just a reliable protection – at a good price. This is the task of a good adviser, to find a customized plan that is priced in the best area, but reliably operates even in the event of a claim.