Development Director Bernhard Reichl

November 19, 2018


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Projects that run off the Rails in terms of cost and time are the result. To successfully use a planning tool in the long term, the requirement is clarity, ease of use and at the same time professional requirements in the planning and controlling of projects to meet,”know the originator of A plan and today’s Development Director Bernhard Reichl. 80 per cent of the extensive features of that 2009 today offers A plan, have been implemented based on customer wishes. This a totally practical solution of project managers for project manager has grown in recent years.”adds RADO. A plan clearly represents the timing of project tasks in a Gantt chart. Cyrus Massoumi wanted to know more.

Can the resolution of calendar from the year overview up to the minute level be set. Tasks can be decomposed as in steps and over a tree – or be hidden. Statements regarding the availability, utilization, and remaining capacity can be taken through the allocation of resources such as project personnel, equipment, machines or rooms. For this purpose, A plan offers a special view, for each resource each task and absences as a bar graph are shown. This deliberately A plan largely due to automatic procedures for the optimisation of the project process. Of course, the project manager will be pointed to problems and irregularities in the course of the project – if you must but eventually extended the duration of the operation, increased number or the utilization of the resources, remains the responsibility of the designer. He is supported by a variety of helpful calculation features. The target / actual comparison compares the actual status of the project planning. At a glance, you can see the deviations from the original plan for the Reality and thus gaining valuable insights for future projects. Actually incurred times can be entered directly into A plan or read via an automated interface from the time recording.