Designer Furniture

May 7, 2019


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Worth reading posts to the designer furniture industry with value-added who ever heard of ray and Charles Eames and has perhaps even a piece of furniture by famous designers, for example, the lounge chair, which is interested in also determines the posts about the new blog feature designer furniture industry. The furniture experts who own shops in Leipzig and Chemnitz and also operate an online shop, report the most popular products in the own shops and news of the furniture manufacturer in her blog of well-known furniture fairs, furniture design, events. And the histories of design classics, for example, by the Bauhaus lamp Tecnolumen, picked up in the blog and background information, provided to world famous designers, such as for example Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Also young talents among the contemporary designers with their modern creations will be presented. Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. Reflected in the smow blog, that furniture design is an interesting topic always amusing anecdotes and unique product stories can be discovered. In addition the articles at blog clear is that designer furniture, for example Nelson’s Marshmallow represent sofa, a secure investment, not to lose their value even in times of crisis.

The designer pieces are very durable, characterized by robust materials and innovative combinations of materials and manufactured carefully even in small manufacturing businesses. Furniture dealer smow tries to raise awareness among prospects and customers on the basis of the information provided in the blog for the benefits of licensed designer furnishings. Only with original designer furniture meets the high standards of quality and safety with safety.